Are We There Yet?

Being trapped in the car with a bunch of screaming kids, fighting in the backseat and throwing things at you, is enough to put anybody off going away. Even though you know that it will be great when you get there, the long car journey that precedes your vacation can be absolute hell. All of the usual tactics that you usually use at home to keep things under control probably won’t work in the car. This can leave you feeling completely helpless, and you may be considering avoiding the vacation altogether this year. It would be such a shame to let the headache of a long car journey ruin a wonderful summer of fun so you’ll have to learn to deal with it instead. Luckily there are a few ways that you can make the whole thing a bit more peaceful and stop yourself from going crazy along the way. If you’re struggling with unruly kids in the car, here are a few things that you can try.  





One of the easiest ways to keep the little ones quiet is making sure that they have something to entertain them along the way. It’s always best to stop them from staring at screens for hours on end so try finding something a bit more traditional. There are plenty of more traditional games that you can use to keep everybody happy. Pocket versions of board games are an excellent choice, but be careful that pieces don’t get lost between the seats. Timeless classics like ‘I Spy’ can also offer hours of entertainment without the need to pack extra luggage. Before you leave, have a quick search online and you’ll find endless lists of car games that you can all play together.


Bring Snacks


Children get irritable when they’re hungry and irritable children make for a stressful car journey. You can easily combat this by bringing a good amount of snacks with you. Make sure that you are careful, though. Giving them too many sugary snacks will send them wild and it’ll be much more difficult to keep things peaceful for the duration of the journey. Click here for a few healthy snack ideas.




When you’re focused on keeping everybody quiet, it can be easy to forget everything else, but it’s important that you remember to make sure you are all safe. Before you go anywhere, check that everybody is in their car seats if they need them and that all seatbelts are done up. Having kids crawling over the seats as you’re driving is not ideal. If you’re having trouble getting them into their car seats, try buying one that they’ll find a bit more interesting. There is a great selection of Disney infant car seats and reviews online to help you choose.


Wear Them Out


In a perfect world, they wouldn’t be causing trouble in the back of the car because they would be asleep. If you plan your journey carefully enough, you could wear them out before you leave. Try getting them to play games while you get ready, or help you pack everything up. Keeping them active for a while before you set off will get rid of any extra energy before you lock yourself in the car with them.

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