The New Axe body washes and You line

axMy husband has been using AXE Deodorant for years. We really never thought to purchase the body wash or other products from the line until my son recently started getting that boy stink. At least that is what I call it. He showers everyday but, he needs deodorant and a body spray for during the day as he is pre teen and gets that boy sweat smell. I tried changing things that he eats as sometimes that has to do with the odor that your body gives off but, that didn’t change it. It has to be that he is just a growing boy. 

axe2Recently I had given him an Axe body wash and antiperspirant for when he showers and also had sent antiperspirant and body spray with him to school for gym class.  Axe is the number one men’s fragrance brand in the world. AXE YOU™ is a carefully crafted blend of modern ingredients with notes of coriander leaves, black basil, and black pepper on top of a classic structure made of timeless perfumery scents like amber, vetiver, cinnamon, and verbena. I like the smell it is not to overbearing.

My son has been using the new Axe You for 3 days now. He has smelled so much better. When he gets home from school I can still smell the fresh scent of Axe. It is a natural fact that men sweat. Whether you are attending a business meeting, at the gym lifting weights or elsewhere running errands, you will sweat. Sweat is a common problem to anyone. The worst part with sweating is the bad odor that accompanies sweating. This lowers your level of self-confidence. That is where Axe comes in. The entire line covers all your different areas.

I wanted to put Axe to the test. My son plays Ice hockey and he sure does sweat and get very stinky afterwards. He had put on the deodorant and used the body spray before he got dressed in his gear. When he came off the ice and was all wet and sweaty I was truly amazed that it actually kept the stink at bay.axe

The new Axe body washes, include a first ever in the U.S. to feature a 12 hour touch release technology, invisible fragrance beads deposit onto the skin when guys lather up. After rinsing and drying off, guys will experience a burst of fragrance every time the skin is touched, all day long.

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