Honest Co Diapers, Wipes and Washes

hcMy sister is having a baby. Our family has very sensitive skin. I have been doing a lot of research on products and companies. I wish I had the time to do this when I was expecting my son. It is very overwhelming becoming a first time parent. You hear about how to feed your baby, what you need for your baby but, you never hear about the potential risks of everyday basics. Basics like cleaners, body washes, soaps, laundry soaps. My sister has asthma and they have found that some of these chemicals could be linked to diseases like asthma, ADHD and even cancer. There is a company who offers chemical free products. The Honest Co.

hc3There diapers are eco friendly. They are made with naturally derived plant-based and sustainable materials. These diapers are super absorbent and hypoallergenic. The diapers are performance fit and hug your baby’s curves. There are no chemical bleaches. Also, they do not contain latex, fragrances or chlorine processing. I know because, I am allergic to latex and it is hard finding latex free products. These diaper patterns are so adorable.hc4

Honest wipes are infused with a botanical blend of pomegranate, chamomile, cucumber and Master Wort leaf. These wipes are strong, pure, effective ingredients that not only cleanse they are made with plant extracts that help support healthy skin.hc5

They also have these perfect travel- size sets. This set includes shampoo and body wash, face and body lotion, hand soap, healing balm and laundry detergent. These are all safe, hypoallergenic and convenient.

hc1I wanted to check all these products out on me before the baby comes. I had used them and have had no reaction. I have psoriasis and like i said before I am allergic to latex. I had no rashes or irritations from using any of these products.hc2

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