Having The Pawfect Treats #Chewy.com


Harley looks for the monthly boxes from Chewy.com. She smells the boxes to see if her box has come. It is funny how she knows when a package is hers and she will act like an angel waiting to see what she gets but, she can pretend she doesn’t hear you when you are trying to get her to listen. It is funny.

dog5The Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato and Chicken Formula Treats. Finding treats for a sensitive furbaby can be tricky. However, Natural Balance has a Limited Ingredient Treat line which is pawfect for those babies with tummy troubles and food-related allergies. These crunchy treats are scientifically formulated to provide high quality nutrition and optimize skin & coat, while using a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources. These treats are available in small and regular breed sizes, so every pup in the family can enjoy.  They are available in venison, beef, chicken and fish.

dog8Harley really enjoyed the Chicken Soup For The Soul Real Chicken snacks. Chicken Soup for the Soul shares happiness, inspiration and wellness through everything they do. These heart-shaped treats are made with real meat as the first ingredient and are highly palatable.Your babies will feel the love with every flavorful, soft, and meaty bite. Each heartwarming treat is made without corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Chicken Soup for the Soul  provide nutrition to help promotes your pet’s lifelong health one treat at a time. Available in Beef, chicken and lamb.dog7

I had these treats in my car for puppy class with Harley. I had forgotten them in my car. The next day I was leaving for the hospital as my sister just had a baby and there was a dog running round loose and I knew whose dog it was. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get her to get in my car as no-one was home at her house. I ended up looking down and seeing the treats. It ended up Hershey the loose dog loved the Chicken Soup for the Soul Treats. I had put a couple in my back seat hoping she would jump in after I had let her taste a few. She jumped in. I waited for the  owners to come get her. I am so thankful she got in the car. She could have gotten lost or hit by a car.

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