Easter Gift that is a healthy choice #TomTom

tt2This Easter I wanted a fitness tracker. Since I had my son. Which has been a long time now. Even though it feels like yesterday I have gained weight. I am turning 39 and my metabolism has definitely changed. I had recently received a TomTom Touch. It is a slim design and is very light weight. With a touch screen. Also has a body composition sensor. 

ttI am not a fitness fanatic and I haven’t exercised much in the past couple of months. I want to start getting healthier. I have been walking with my friend and taking our dogs on long walks. I think we have been walking about a mile to a mile and a half each time. I wanted to start counting my steps because, then I can start trying to get higher and higher numbers.

tt1You can track all of your activity stats with the TomTom Touch. This tracker sensor can tell what proportion of your body consists of fat and what proportion consists of muscle. This isn’t just for athletes. It is for people like me and you to track there progress no matter what your shape or weight is.

The Touch is fairly small and fits into a plastic wrist band.I found it is very comfortable to wear.It is shower proof to wear. I have not gone a day without wearing it. Though you are able to shower with it on you can not swim with it on. This Tom Tom does not have GPS.

Looking for a Easter gift? Why not give a healthy gift instead of those sweets.

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