Blaster water fun for the whole family

blasterWith the warm weather here and the kids all around the house I try to get them outside to play.  How about giving them water blasters. not only will it keep them occupied but, it will cool them off and not need to find darts. What Prime Time Toys has done for the dart blaster with Dart Zone®, they are about to do for the water blaster.  Their talented team of product innovators is launching a new collection of water blasters exclusively at Wal-Mart arriving in-stores January 2017.  The Adventure Force™ line of water blasters will bring a new splash of fun to the backyard this Spring and Summer! This colorful collection takes the water fight to a new level with powerful precision performance and exciting action – all offered at Prime Time Toys’ signature affordable pricing.

blaster1Super Storm 

Ages 6+, $17.88

Getting the upperhand in competition has never been easier with the Super Storm water blaster.  For the longest lasting continual play, the Super Storm features a 68-ounce size tank and pressurized water blaster action that will send water soaring up to 38 feet! The Super Storm blaster nozzle has three adjustable power blast nozzles – Super Soak Blast, Long-Range Blast, and Quad-Stream Blast with four Water Streams.  Use the pump conveniently located on the front end of the water blaster to build pressure for the ultimate wet down!  Then, press the trigger to blast a continuous stream of water.

blaster2Battle Blaster 

Ages 6+, $12.88

Just like the Prime Time’s Dart Zone® dart blasters, the Battle Blaster brings a tactical element for every battle! This power pump water blaster performs with excellent precision aided by the detachable scope.  Catch your enemy in the crosshairs to ensure maximum accuracy and drench your opponent.

The kids will love these blasters. They are big enough to hold enough water and blast your opponent away.

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