The electronic motion toy that destroys Kitty’s boredom

k1The PetLinks Dizzy Thing spins and rolls all over the place with erratic starts and stops while changing direction to replicate the real movement of prey. It has whirling blue and green felt leaves and a fluffy cluster of feathers on the top of the toy for added fun.

k2Your kitty will be inspired to stalk and pounce! This toy encourages your cat to play with toys that mimic the thrill of a hunt to encourage them to be more active by chasing, pouncing and leaping. Transforming playtime into exercise time.

The PetLinks System was created by a community of vets, pet experts and pet parents to help find products to fulfill your cat’s physical well being. ┬áThe plastic housing is made with recycled plastic. The toys are safe and meet all applicable safety standards.

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