On The Go Coloring Kits #Crayola

mfWhen going out the kids always seem to get bored. I do not like bringing the iPad with us all the time as my son has to have the volume up and I don’t think that is appropriate at a restaurant while other people are eating and trying to have a good dinner. mf1Crayola has released new On The Go Kits. These kits are available in Paw Patrol, Pj Masks, Shimmer and Shine and Disney Princess. These kits include 15 mini coloring pages and 3 color wonder markers.mf2 Each set has 3 different colored markers in the set. Comes in a case that keeps you organized and ready while you are on the go. Not only are these sets good while you are at dinner but also for appointments, car rides and much more.mf5 I also cut down extra papers and added them in so when we are at dinner we can play hangman and tic tac toe. He enjoys coloring and I feel that it is a stress reliever. I love coloring and I am 38 years old.mfc1

These kits are small enough to fit behind your seat in your car or place in your purse. Depending on the size of your purse of course. I keep a bag in my car full of things we may need while we are out. The Crayola kits are in the bag. I have all three so when we are out with our friends their kids can color and play also. The coloring pages are fun to color and the markers are easy to clean up. Especially if they get marks on the table. It isn’t a big deal.


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