Lightweight but durable dog toys #GoDog #RhinoPlay

gdMany of you already know my puppy Harley. She is a hand full. She is so spunky and full of energy. It is hard finding toys that will keep her occupied and strong enough to hold up to her aggressive play. The RhinoPlay Toys by GoDog are great toys that are made from a light but durable foam. gd1Because these toys are light weight and foam I can let her play with them in the house. These toys come in different shapes and sizes depending on your puppies size and what they like to play with. These toys are also shaped for your dog to be able to carry around easily.The goDog® RhinoPlay™ line is made from a unique material called PopFoam NT™. This makes for a dog toy that is incredibly strong but still very lightweight. Dogs will love the feel of this material and pet parents will love the durability. These dog toys are deceptively light and incredibly strong.

gd3A portion of all proceeds are donated to charities that support the human-animal bond.

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