Top Car Cleaning Hacks


While auto body shop professionals are happy to help with tiny and large problems alike, some car problems can be prevented or at least delayed. It is necessary to ensure your car is well-maintained both internally and externally.

Here are a few car cleaning hacks that you can use:

Keep it spruce and clean

One crucial aspect of taking good care of a car is ensuring that it is clean. Whether you own a small car, a huge SUV, or anything in between, automobile owners should get a regular car wash and wax and keep it handy. You need to schedule a vehicle wash every week or at least every other week. Also, if you notice immediate issues, such as a bird relieving itself on the top of their car, it is important to wash the excrement away as soon as possible. Bird waste can actually damage a car’s paint job, so cleaning up the mess right away is essential.

Maintain the doors

Grab some cooking spray from your kitchen and simply spray it on the inside rubber seals of the car doors and rub it in with a paper or soft cloth towel to prevent the doors from icing shut or sticking when it is icy at the outdoors.

Interiors should be clean

On the dashboard and cup holders of your car, you can apply some coconut oil. It not only prevents dust from settling again, but it also provides a little shine. You can keep a silicone cupcake mould inside each holder to prevent the cup holders from getting dirty again. So, whenever they become dirty all you have to do is rinse them out.

No food and beverage spills

Place a big cereal container with a recycled bag. The best thing about doing this is that while it is closed, everything stays safe inside even if it falls over. Another great thing is that when the recycled bag gets dirty you can wash it inside the container. Old coffee creamer containers fit neatly in the backseat cup holders. They allow for snacks to be given a few at a time and are an excellent choice for snacks. Your car’s backseat will stays clean and your kids can reach them easily.

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