An Amazing Smelling Pillow Friend

pp6My son loves stuffed animals and pillows. His bed has so many pillows and stuffed animals I don’t know how he has any room for himself. I had recently gave him the newest pillow pet. H has several already but this one is special. It smells like home made chocolate chip cookies. pp5This sweet scented pillow pet is part of a new series. These pillow pets are easily carried anywhere they go in the form of a sweet scented friend. The only place that it is scented is a patch on its arm. They did not want to overpower you with the scent.

My son now has Cookie Pup, he is a brown puppy with a cookie and chocolate chip pattern belly. He smells so amazingly yummy. He reminds me of my moms fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Of course they have other scents. They have Cotton Candy Unicorn, Cupcake, Watermelon Lady Bug, Popcorn Panda, Ice Pop Penguin, Strawberry Milkshake Cow and Gummi Pup.

Not only do they smell good, they are super soft, adorable, convenient for traveling and make a great sleepover buddy.

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