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pompomWith the holidays here I have been hearing a lot about this New product called Pom Pom Wow. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was and I was very curious to find out. So, the Pom Pom Wow is a decoration station that allows kids to add decorative pom noms to everyday items and almost anything.

pompom1Using the Pom Pom Wow station allows you to put a glue dot on pellets. You affix to wherever you want. Then take the plastic shell off. Revealing your pom pom. You can decorate your pom pom with glitter, tie dye, stamp, water color, marker and paint.

You can decorate so many things. There are add on packs you can buy so the possibilities are endless. When I first had seen the pom noms and how soft they were I thought it would be great to make a rug out of them. A pom pom rug. You can decorate shoes, mirrors and more.

About the company:

With over 20 years experience, Maya Toys continues to create innovative, high-quality toys. Our brands are specifically designed with passion, integrity and “WOW!”┬áin mind.

Maya is driven by a single purpose: bring to market toys that delight and dazzle boys and girls throughout the world. Best known for our award-winning Orbeez brand, we’re dedicated to applying unexpected technologies and on-trend themes to time-proven play patterns.

Leveraging decades of experience, we maintain the highest standards for safety and quality to ensure the play experience surpasses the expectations of both kids and their parents. And by learning directly from kids how they like to play, our products remain fresh, relevant and creatively stimulating long after the package is opened.

Privately owned and based in Cypress, California, Maya delivers a WOW-inducing boost to toy categories including Arts & Crafts, Beauty & Fashion Play, Creative Play, Outdoor Play, and Novelty & Gag Toys.

Find out more about Pom Pom Wow.

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