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kittyMy niece has been asking about Kitty Club. I did not know what this was. I started to look into it and found the most adorable little kitten toys that have cars, buildings and even fashion.

kitty5I had received Kitty’s Convertible set, Accessory Set, Lauren, Emily and some surprise packs.

Kitty is the founder of the “Kitty Club” and loved by everyone in Kitty Heart Lane. She is totally into fashion and is always sewing something new.

kitty2Elizabeth is a beautiful kitten who wore as a model and is used to luxury.This diva does not settle for anything less than purrfect!

kitty4Emily has the keenest nose in Kitty Heart Lane. She can smell all kinds of notes and tones, which comes very handy in making her popular perfumes. Her favorite scents this season are blackberry and lychee.

Each figures head is movable and the eyes blink. There are 21 Kitties collect them all.

What Not Toys is a new toy company to hit planet Earth! Founded by Bob Grey and other toy industry luminaries, WhatNot’s mission is to search the globe to find the best new toys and collectibles and share them with kids of all ages in North America and beyond.

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