Gemmies Crystal creations you can make #HolidayGiftGuide #Gemmies

g1This Holiday season I have been looking for new and fun ideas for presents. Recently I received Gemmies. Gemmies design studio which is a new and creative brand where you can create and build sparkly 3D crystal creations.

g2The Gemmies design studio has plenty of storage, a hand tool and over 500 different color gem beads, connectors and bands. And lets not forget about the templates and instructions to help get you started making your masterpieces.g3

On the top of the design studio there is a place to put your design template. This starter set includes 5 templates. Also, there is a light in the center of the stand to light up your creation. You can put your completed Gemmie on display.g6

You simply slide a band on the hand tool and then clip the beads in in a sequence. Adding more and more Gemmies. You can also buy add on kits like shimmering flowers and water friends.

g7For this Holiday season head on over to Gemmies to Toysrus, Walmart, Kmart or Target.

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