First Time Mom? Tips The Pregnancy Books Don’t Tell You

Congratulations! You are about to become a mom for the first time. It’s quite an adventure. For many women, you find that reading the pregnancy books can be very informative. They tell you about all the symptoms you may be experiencing. How big your baby is during each trimester. They can help you get ready for impending labour. But what they don’t cover is all the essential tips to getting prepared. So I thought I would share with you some of those tips the books don’t share. I hope it helps you get prepared for your new arrival.



Make sure you read about what happens after birth


Many first time moms will preach about how prepared they are. They no every symptom, and exactly what point they should head to the hospital when those contractions start. But for a lot of those women, that is all they read about. Not many read about what happens when the baby arrives. While you can’t rely solely on a book, children don’t come with manuals; it’s worth having a read about what to expect when your new baby is here. It may help you with those first few nights as a mom.


Don’t go too crazy on clothes


It’s so easy to buy all those cute little outfits when you are pregnant. But buying too many means you run the risk of your new baby not getting a chance to wear them. Also, all that expense on clothes can mount up, and the money could be used towards other things. If you can’t resist, try and be a little savvy with your baby clothes purchases. Consider using Carter’s Promo Codes or similar options to help bring the overall cost down. Besides friends and family will buy you gifts for the baby and often they include lots of baby clothes.


Make sure you have the essentials


We can all get wrapped up in the latest gadgets and releases, but often just sticking with the essentials will get you by those few months. Don’t panic too much about toys and swinging chairs. As long as the baby has something to wear and somewhere to sleep you are halfway there.




Your instinct will take effect


Many first time moms worry about how they will cope when the baby arrives. It’s common to wonder whether or not you will know how to look after your new baby. However, we all have that maternal instinct that will take effect. You will know what is best for your baby.


Don’t be too worried about feeding arrangements


There is always articles reported about breastfeeding and bottle feeding dramas between new mothers. Try and not get too wrapped up in it all, do what is right for you and your baby and not what you think you should be doing. A happy mom will mean a happy baby.


Sleep when the baby sleeps


Finally, the last thing the books won’t tell you is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Those first few months will feel like you are in a haze, the tiredness can take hold of you. So take any opportunity you can to relax and put your feet up. The chores can wait.

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