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14087523_10207282907975050_12986790_oAs back to school is approaching fast. I started making my list of school supplies. I can’t believe summer is coming to an end.

When shopping for school supplies I always stick to name brands that I know and trust. The cheaper brands do not work as well as Crayola.

The first product is crayons.  These are one of the top items on the school supply list. These crayons are not only preferred by me but also teachers. These crayons come in a 24 pack. They are non toxic and last 35% longer.

Crayonna has ultra-clean washable color max crayons. These crayons are brighter, more vibrant and their truest color yet. They wash easily from hands, clothing and walls.

14075155_10207282905734994_1359714245_oThe Pip-Squeak markers are a great small size marker with big color. These markers are great for little hands. Very easy to clean up. Even though these markers are smaller they still have the same bold, vibrant colors.

14113988_10207282907455037_1174059615_o-2Crayola 10 pack of markers. These are long lasting, brilliant, bold, colors. These markers are broad lined.

14087214_10207282906055002_169307667_oThe crayons ultra- clean washable color max markers comes in a 10 pack. These markers are the brightest and truest colors crayola has made yet.

14060293_10207282906535014_853069351_oWindow markers are great for all glass surfaces. They come in a 8 pack. Washes off easily.

14087158_10207282905174980_946911243_oPower lines markers are scented, vibrant colors. They can make thick or thin lines. 10 markers in pack. They are great for projects.

14114046_10207282906335009_854655452_oCrayola Finding Dory markers. This are mini markers in Fuzzy Duckling Yellow, Itty Bitty Blue, and Petite Rose.

14075219_10207282907335034_2054484249_oCrayola Shopkins crayons 8 pack. These special crayon collections celebrates shopkins cute characters inspired by items from your favorite shops.

14060098_10207282907015026_506100208_oMy favorite is Doodle Scents. This 18 pack of scented markers.


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