Chapstick Original New Patriotic Packaging # USA #Celebrate #Chapstick #America’sFavorite

14012284_10207233734425742_1965512807_nWith summer here and The Olympics going on and Labor Day just around the corner Chapstick’s New patriotic packaging is the perfect way to celebrate.  

14012003_10207233734265738_1788117765_nChapstick’s Limited Edition product is the original formula that everyone loves with special patriotic packaging. I use Chapstick all year round to help protect my lips. The sun dries my lips and Chapstick helps prevent dry, chapped lips. Softens and protects for smooth, silky lips everyday.

13988730_10207233734225737_1895965580_nThe one and only Classic! The one that made Chapstick America’s favorite lip balm and the one that our hearts still beat from. The Original!

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