The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Major Life Events

It is a fact of life that there will be stressful times. Stress often accompanies major, joyful life changes. Minimise that stress so you can enjoy the big moments in your life without feeling too frazzled.


Getting married


As every bride knows; getting married can be a stressful time. It is that tension between what you want and what everyone else wants too. There are so many things to organise like the dress, food and entertainment. There also so many decisions to make like whether to go for a prenup, which colours to use in the wedding and which venue is the best?


Why not simplify the wedding by choosing a venue that offers a food, drink, and entertainment package. This means that once the initial choices have been made, everything is looked after by the staff at the venue.  If the thought of being on show in front of all those people is too much for you, you could consider eloping. There are plenty of places where you can be married quickly and easily. What about the Special Memories Chapel in Las Vegas or Gretna Green in Scotland? In Vegas, you can even hire a wedding dress, so that’s another stressful issue about the way!


Moving house



Moving house can be up there with the most stressful events in your life. Packing all of your stuff and getting it out of the house and into a new house in one day is a tall order. One way that you can reduce the stress of moving house are to have a moving plan. This this is where you write down, what is in each box, and the room each box will be going into, in the new house. This makes and packing so much easier and you can get the essentials like coffee cups and spoon is out first!  Another way of having a less stressful time is to use professionals movers. They will help you pack, pad, and move your items.  This can take some of the strain off. Its also means you don’t get too caught up with the physical exertion of moving, saving your energy for unpacking and organising your new home.


Having a baby
Yes, having a baby is a joyful time, but it can be stressful too.  There are lots of physical changes that you’re going through and a lot of mental preparations to do before baby arrives. An excellent way of minimising stress about the labour is to try hypnobirthing. This is designed to keep you as calm as possible and make the labour process less scary. Another important way of reducing stress is to have the nursery ready before Baby arrives. Don’t worry if you don’t know whether Baby is a boy or a girl yet, as you can use some beautiful neutral colours to decorate the room. Having all the items such as pushchairs, cots and changing mats; before baby makes an appearance is a great way of feeling calm and prepared.

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