Head & ShouldersNourishing Hair and Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner

13234753_10206572154886667_959387649_oI have used head & Shoulders to make sure I am flake free. There is nothing more embarrassing than having flakes on my black shirt. I have a very dry scalp and black is my favorite color to wear as it makes me look smaller. 13224335_10206572154566659_218120966_oThey both do not do good together. So, I use Head and Shoulders. I had just tried their new nourishing hair and scalp care. Not only does it help control dandruff it nourishes your hair and scalp. Leaving your hair silky smooth. This shampoo and conditioner has a rich, decadent lather that leaves your hair silky, shiny and beautiful.13230784_10206572154526658_1244757914_o

It is formulated with natural ingredients such as cotton, great and lavender essence to nourish your hair. Leaving no visible flakes with regular use. PH balanced for everyday use, even for colored or chemically treated hair like mine.

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