AquaBall Water Helps Limit Your Child’s Sugar Intake

13010258_10206409490420157_2001995659_oAs always I look for new ways to lessen my sons sugar intake. AquaBall has zero calorie, sugar free as it is sweetened with Stevia. Enhanced with vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C! These waters are naturally flavored no artificial colors or flavors. 13036408_10206409491140175_1407845709_oYou can taste the difference. my son loves the taste of the waters. He grabs for one everyday. Which is great instead of grabbing one of those high surgery drinks.13054477_10206409490980171_166693418_o

A big concern I have as a parent is health issues caused by high sugar intake. Health problems like obesity, diabetes and also bad oral health such as cavities.13054601_10206409490820167_827029085_o

Great way to reduce sugar intake is substituted with natural sugars. Instead of sending your child with sugary juices for snack or lunch at school replace them with AquaBall.13054692_10206409491580186_463052074_o

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