How Can Parents Get Their Kids To Play More Sports?

It is the eternal question – how can you make your children more active? As a parent, you need to make sure that they don’t sit in front of the television all day because it is bad for their health. The only problem is that kids love doing things that are bad for their health! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to coax them into a sport without having to drag them out of the house by their hair. Keep reading if you are looking for inspiration and advice.


Listen To What They Want


The one big mistake that parents make is that they live vicariously through their kids. As a result, you might unconsciously push your kids into sports that they don’t like. If they don’t like them, they won’t play them for the long term. You have to listen to them and come to a compromise. That way, they will start playing sports that they enjoy instead of ones that they hate.


Make It Enjoyable


In many ways, this is not down to you – it is down to the people that run the program. Still, you can have an effect on your kid’s enjoyment levels if you are too involved. Shouting and screaming on the sideline isn’t always the best way to make the experience enjoyable. Why? Mainly because your kids are too worried about being embarrassed than they are playing. Try and offer words of encouragement and advice when they need it, but don’t smother them with your competitive nature.


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Offer Them Incentives


Kids, like adults, respond to incentives. Let’s face it – kids want rewards for their achievements. And, that isn’t a bad thing as long as you reward them with the right incentives. For example, giving them money might make them grow up and cherish financial gains above everything else. However, giving them a trophy or treating them to ice cream is a basic treat that teaches them good things happen to hard workers. Obviously, ice cream is easy to across, yet trophies are a lot harder. You can find a diverse selection of trophies, medals and awards by clicking on the link.


Tell Them Their Friends Play


At their age, sport is not about physical activity – it is about socializing. Because they are young, they are scared of not knowing people and having to make friends. As a result, they shun sports because the idea of being alone is intimidating. There is a simple solution – let them join teams where they have friends. All you have to do is find out which teams their friends play for, and when they meet up to train and play games. The more friends they have, the more chance they will want to play.


Be There For Them


There is no way your kids are going to play sports if you are not there to take them to games. As they are kids, they don’t have the ability to travel. If you are willing to take them, they will go because it is easier and much less hassle.


Even though they are kids, they learn early on that stress is worth avoiding!

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