Boosting Your Teenager’s Confidence: A Guide Document:

The number one problem for many teenagers is low self-esteem, and as parents, it’s important to be aware of that. The reasons that low self-esteem is such a problem amongst teenagers is due to a range of factors. Most commonly, low self-esteem is caused by peer pressure and trying to fit in. Everyone knows that being a teenager is hard work – there’s a lot more to growing up than it seems.

As a parent, it’s important that you take the time to help your teen build their self-confidence. This is crucial because it’s teens with low self-esteem that are more prone to peer pressure. Kids with high self-esteem have the confidence to say no to things they don’t want to do. Such as trying smoking, for example. If you want your teen to grow into a successful and confident adult, helping to boost their self-esteem is crucial. Here are a few ways that you can help to boost your teen’s confidence:

Happy young blond teenage girl standing in front of a brick wall smiling with white copyspace and green grass in the background behind her.

Happy young blond teenage girl standing in front of a brick wall smiling with white copyspace and green grass in the background behind her.

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Praise them


Far too often we focus on what our kids have done wrong – don’t do this. If you want to help boost your teenager’s self-esteem, it’s important to focus on the good things they do, not the bad. When your teen does something positive, make sure to praise them. Kids who are constantly knocked down by their parents for doing things wrong, often have very low self-confidence. Instead of focusing on the negative things, aim to focus more on the positives. If you offer your teen praise, you’ll find that their self-confidence soars.


Encourage them to make their own decisions


Teens often rely on people in authoritative positions to make decisions for them – parents, teachers, etc. If you want to help boost your teen’s self-esteem, encourage them to make their own decisions. Include them in family decisions, to show them that it’s good to make their own choices. For example, if you’re planning a family holiday, ask them for their input on where you should go. Treat your teen like a grown up and their self-confidence will soar.


Be understanding of their need to fit in


For your teen, fitting in is crucial. While it’s important to teach them to be happy with who they are, as a parent, it’s also crucial that you realize fitting in is important. Be understanding of your teenager’s desire to fit in and help them to do that. If for instance, your teen wears glasses but feels uncomfortable in them, help them to explore the other options. Contact lenses are a great option – they’re affordable, safe to use, and will give your teen’s confidence a boost. Or, if they have to wear braces, explore the options. There are invisible braces on offer from Armstrong & Eshleman, P.A. that can barely be seen. It’s about helping them to fit in and feel comfortable so that their confidence can grow.


Criticize in a constructive way


Being told you’ve done something wrong is never nice, so being constructive with criticism is important. If for example, your teen fails an English test because they didn’t bother to study, it’s easy to get annoyed and yell at them. However, the best approach to take is an adult one. Say something like ‘It looks like you struggled with that test. How about we find some time this week to study for the next one?’. It’s a case of being careful about how you say things and what you say.


Take these tips and advice on board and you can help you teen’s self-esteem to quickly grow.

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