Baron Chocolatier Chocolate Truffles and Bars #Valentine’sDay

12714334_10205828561057286_13654965_nMy husband loves chocolate. He eats it everyday. He is very particular about his chocolate. Recently we had come across Baron  Chocolate. It is a premium chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans worldwide. Their unique technique in making chocolate makes their product rich, creamy and have a very smooth taste.

All of Baron’s Chocolatier bars and truffles are GMO free. Made with natural and Kosher ingredients. With Baron you can have the best of Europe  for the same price as your average chocolate bar. A great tasting quality for less.

Premium Milk Chocolate Truffles with Milk Chocolate Creme filing. 12722082_10205828560777279_1379175415_n

Dark Chocolate Truffles with Toasted Coconut Creme Filling.12666489_10205828560377269_1807666437_n

Dark chocolate with Raspberry12674363_10205828559177239_1415035469_n

Dark Chocolate12722144_10205828559097237_2010082969_n

Dark Chocolate With Orange And Almonds12674454_10205828558737228_501270492_n

Milk Chocolate With Almonds12721929_10205828558537223_993186231_n

Milk Chocolate12674656_10205828558417220_653380829_n

Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt12665787_10205828559417245_1749923679_n

Milk Chocolate With Sea Salt Caramel12722022_10205828559297242_1493661502_n

Milk Chocolate With Toffee Crunch12713927_10205828559577249_1139995575_n

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