Tips on Buying Your Teen Their First Car

Buying Your Teenager their First Car? Things to Know about!

Buying a car brings out opposite reactions in parents and teens – while the latter is ecstatic, the former is absolutely terrified. It is absolutely justified, considering the alarming rise of road accidents.

Safety comes first

As a parent, you will definitely want to buy a model that safe for them to drive that you feel secure while they are driving along. A lot of cars have specially incorporated safety features in them, which heighten the overall security of the automobile. Make sure you check for crash features such as deployable curtain airbags in the event of a crash or stability control to help prevent rollovers. Although no parent would like to think about their kids in a car accident, you need to consider these scenarios while buying the car.

Size isn’t the sole factor
There are plenty of shiny features that may make you believe a vehicle is safe, when it is actually not. For instance, bigger does not always mean safer. An SUV may seem safer and even make you feel that way, but research and numerous studies have shown that they are not comparable to smaller cars when it comes to safety. Also SUV’s are gas guzzlers and with this economy, smaller is better when it comes to cars. Obviously, they use less fuel than SUVs, meaning more money in your pocket.

Insurance is important

When buying a first car for your teenager, you have to keep insurance in mind. Insurance for teens is sky high, and this is another reason for buying a smaller, cheaper car. Actually, given how expensive insurance is and how hard teens are on cars, it might be a good idea to get your teen a small, safe used car with minimal insurance.

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