Dress Your Kids and Save Money While You Do it!

Is it just me, or can kids clothes be expensive? I mean, some of their things cost more than the adult things! But it’s a price we pay if we want our children to look polished and give a good impression, right? Luckily, I came across a few money saving tips that helped me to dress my kids and save money at the same time. I hope they can help you too!

Shop End of Season Sales

Instead of shopping for new clothes at the start of the season, shop the end of season sales. The end of season sales usually happen quite early, so you can buy them clothes for cheap that they are still able to wear. Make sure you make a note of when they are and you’ll save a fortune by waiting!

Buy Slightly Bigger

Not only should you shop the end of season sales, you should buy them slightly bigger too. This will usually mean you can store the items away for next year, until the next end of season sale for that particular season! Obviously don’t do this if your child is going to look swamped in fabric. They should still look presentable!



Buy Them Play Clothes

Instead of spending so much money on clothes your kids will only ruin anyway, buy them play clothes for cheap. Lots of shops do really cheap clothing, so you can save the expensive stuff for special occasions. It makes no sense dressing them up in expensive clothes when they’ll be going to the park and rolling around in mud!

Swap With Your Friends

If your friends have children, swap with them. Kids grow quickly, but you’re bound to have a friend who has some decent clothing stashed away that they could give you. Offer them some of what you have, or give them a little money.

Look for Second Hand Bargains

Second hand bargains can be find both online and in person, you just need to look carefully. Don’t buy anything with stains or holes; you’re looking for gently worn items here. You won’t believe the amount of money you can save by looking for second hand things first!

Find a Discount Code

Don’t buy something online without searching for a discount code first. Look on reliable sites like discountrue here and you should find a code to help you knock some money off your buy. Most big stores like Kohl’s or CBS will have them, so never buy anything without taking a few minutes to find a code.

Buy Gender Neutral

Gender neutral clothing is a must if you plan on having anymore babies. You can then reuse the babygrows and different things again later on down the line. You could even consider buying gender neutral jackets and things as your kids grow to save you buying two of everything. You’ll have less to wash too!

See? Your kids can look good without you going broke. All you need to do is make use of these tips. If you’ve found any of them useful, please let me know below. Come back soon!

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