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Friday nights is family movie night at my house. Every week my son gets to choose a movie that we are going to watch together. This week he had chosen Disney Pixar’s Toy Story ” That Time Forgotten”. The movie is just as action packed and funny as the other Toy Story movies before. With Buzz, Jesse and friends.


One holiday afternoon, two days after Christmas, when Bonnie plays miscellaneous roles (Santa’s Workshop, Goblin Fairy, Restaurant, and Dinosaur Escape), Trixie is sad that Bonnie never plays with her like a dinosaur when Bonnie chooses Angel Kitty. Jessie comforts Trixie when she promises that she will be a dinosaur for Bonnie’s next day of playtime. Bonnie later takes Trixie, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex and Angel Kitty to her friend Mason‘s house for a play date. When they get there, Bonnie sees Mason playing a video game with his new Optimum X. As Mason invites her to play the video game and tosses her toys into Mason’s playroom.


There the toys, led by Woody discover that for Christmas Mason got a complete toy line of battling dinosaurs called the Battlesaurs, which are led by Reptillus Maximus and The Cleric. Reptillus takes Rex and Trixie to get suited up by their armor guy Ray-Gon, while unbeknownst to them the Cleric orders some other Battlesaurs to take Woody and Buzz as prisoners. Trixie and Reptillus start to develop romantic feelings. Trixie admires the Battlesaurs, while Reptillus is intrigued by her world. The Cleric welcomes the audience to Battleopolis.

Later, Trixie and Reptillus enter the “Arena of Woe”, where Trixie is horrified to see Reptillus attack Mason’s toys in a gladiatorial combat setting. Soon Woody and Buzz enter the ring. Woody, who is armed with, to Buzz’s surprise, nothing more than a red crayon, warns Trixie that Mason has never played with the Battlesaurs and that they don’t even know they’re toys. Reptillus breaks Woody’s crayon and battles both Woody and Buzz till Trixie demands he stop. However, a giant 6-foot beast named Goliathon comes in the arena,  The Cleric deems Trixie an enemy after seeing she has the name of Bonnie on her hand. Trixie escapes the arena to get Bonnie’s attention. The Cleric orders Reptillus to stop her. While chasing her, he is shocked to discover the box he came in.


Meanwhile, the Cleric gets Rex, who has been outfitted with remote-controlled robotic arms, to pull Woody and Buzz out of Goliathon. They then discover that the Cleric is the only Battlesaur who knows they’re all toys and is determined to make sure the others don’t find out so he can stay as their ruler. The Cleric then forces Rex to dispose of Woody and Buzz in a ventilation fan that would shred them.

Meanwhile, Trixie reaches Mason’s video game power core, but Reptillus confronts her. Trixie convinces Reptillus of the greatness and importance of being a toy and showing Mason how much he cares. He turns the game off, getting the attention of Bonnie and Mason, and they go to play with the toys. Back in the playroom, Buzz and Woody are almost shredded to death. Bonnie and Mason enter the room, thus saving Woody and Buzz in time. Bonnie and Mason play new roles, as they pretend that they have a dance party, as Bonnie uses Woody to do “the worm” move, saving a toy castle from bad guys as Mason holds Socky with metal robot arms, Bonnie using Goliathon and a bone vehicle as cars, and as their final role Mason and Bonnie, they pretend that Trixie and Reptillus are flying.  The Battlesaurs are transformed by their experience with play and settle on a more peaceful existence. Soon it was time to leave for home.

Bonnie puts her toys back in her rocket backpack. Just as she collected them, the toys are driven off to home. That night, Bonnie’s mom called her for dinner. When they come out, Rex happily kisses the floor when he thought that it was good to be home. Jessie curiously asks how their big day went, and Woody, Rex, and Buzz tell their friends about their trip. Trixie feels better by saying that she could be anything when it comes to playtime because she has the word “Bonnie” on her palm during the visit.  Angel Kitty says that they should enjoy their gifts. The toys loved her warm speech. Angel Kitty is mysteriously gone, much to the toys’ bewilderment.

This movie is great and exciting. A great Dvd for a Holiday Gift.

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