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I am a sweets eater. My son and husband also love candy. My son loves the sugar sweets and my husband loves chocolate. All 3 of us like different kinds. That’s why when I heard about Bo Candy I was exited to try new candies. Bo Candy is a monthly subscription box that brings you goodies from all over the world for you to try. They have two different box sizes. Half size and full size. The half box has about 3 to 4 different types of samples to try. The full box has 6 to 9 samples. Each month. I love trying new candy is especially from different countries and cultures that you would not ordinarily buy.

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Cabaret fruit gums (Bristish)- These are my favorite of the box. They’re not like gummies they are a little harder. I really enjoyed the different variety of flavors.

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Zotz (Italy)-A very strong blue raspberry sour flavor. I enjoyed these and so did my son Zachary, as he loves sweet and sour candy.

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Choward’s Guava (USA)- They are  square guava fruit pieces. I’m not a fan of guava so I did not exactly like these but if you love guava you will like these.

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Bo candy exclusive Bopobeu (Bulgaria)- my son and I enjoy these candy bars it’s covered in chocolate with peanuts and wafers inside. My  husband can’t have these as he is  allergic to peanuts. I enjoyed this one a lot especially when I’m craving chocolate. I am not sure exactly what is inside but is very yummy.

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Eti Crax (Turkey)- These are like Italian herbs decks my husband really enjoy these. He loves these types of foods especially crackers sticks.

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Mesian in soda candy (Japan)- these are like pop rocks these my son really enjoyed.

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Assorted hard candies these Milkita Milkshake ( Indonesia) are melon flavor. Anise (Holland) are like licorice and the Damy’s (Mexico) are peanut butter flavored. They were all delicious and I would recommend getting a box every month.

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