Laundry Piling Up? Get It Under Control with These Techniques

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Any parent knows the struggle of doing laundry. Even having one child can cause a laundry explosion. Especially when they’re young enough to cycle through three or four outfits in one day. If you feel like you’re constantly putting on another load, it can be enough to drive you crazy. Even when you share the duties with your partner or your children, it’s still not a job most people enjoy doing. You can make it easier, though, by getting organized and making sure everyone is pitching in. Use these awesome tips to power through all your laundry and avoid letting it all pile up. Create a Laundry Schedule If there’s one thing that will always help you get organized, it’s lists and tables. You know that laundry is something you need to do on a regular basis, so you can create a rota for it. Everyone splits different household tasks differently. So it’s up to you who does what and when. Don’t think that the kids can’t help out, though, because there are plenty of age-appropriate tasks even little ones can do. They can help to separate colors and white, fill the washing machine and add the detergent. Older children can even do their own laundry from start to finish. Don’t send them off to college unable to wash their clothes!



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Maintain Your Washing Machine and Dryer Your washing machine and clothes dryer get a lot of use, so look after them. You don’t want to have a disaster, which leaves you unable to wash anyone’s clothes. To avoid having to cycle through every piece of clothing you own, read your manuals. They will tell you how to care for your appliances on a weekly or monthly basis. Things can still go wrong, however, so have a phone number on hand. You can call out someone who can perform Maytag repair or service whichever brand your appliances are. Get Everyone to Sort Their Laundry Even small children can separate their clothes before you take them down to your washing machine. Instead of giving everyone one laundry basket, give them two or even three. Label one “white” and one “colors”, or have two labeled “light” and “dark”. That’s one more job that everyone can take care of on their own. So when you collect everything from the bedrooms (or the bottom of the laundry chute), you won’t need to sort anything. Cut Down on Ironing Ironing is one of the longest and most tedious jobs involved with laundry. You’ll do everyone in the family a favor by avoiding it as much as possible. Firstly, think about what does and doesn’t need to be ironed. Some materials don’t wrinkle in the wash or simply don’t need to be ironed. You can also choose a detergent or softener that will help to remove wrinkles. Folding everything as soon as it’s dry can help too, instead of leaving it balled up in a basket. Laundry doesn’t have to rule your life. If it’s starting to pile up, get on top of it using the advice above.

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