Yaelo Design Laundry Bag #BestLaundryBaG


Yaelo design laundry bag. My laundry room is on my second floor. We designed the house like that because most of your laundry is on the second floor. I still have laundry from the bathroom, dining room and kitchen. Not to mention the clothes my son leaves around all over the house. He thinks the house is his laundry room. I have been using the laundry bag down stairs.


It holds a lot of clothes and towels. It is very durable. It’s stylish design makes me feel more comfortable about leaving it downstairs. I don’t want bulky laundry baskets all around the house. When the bag is full I bring it up stairs and empty it.
This bag is durable enough to use to go to the laundry mat. I even have seen schools use these bags to hold their team shirts and bring them to the laundry mat in it.

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