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What girl doesn’t like sparkles in her hair. Recently I have seen some of the coolest celebrities hair sparkling. I wondered how they were adding that beautiful sparkle. I had recently had the chance to review Charmsies! They are what the celebrities are using to turn heads and have fun. Charmsies add glitz and sparkle to your hair.

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They are so easy to use. You need a flat iron. You simply peel off the white backing, stick on your hair. Hit the charms for about 4 seconds with the flat iron or you can use a curling iron. Peel off the plastic and viola. You can place all in one area or you can dispose speratically through your hair. They can last in your hair for a few days or you can remove them very easily. You can just add a little extra conditioner or some oil.
Charmsies come in a huge array of different colors, shapes and sizes. You can choose which ever one embraces you. You can find your own personal style by adding different ones and using different patterns and also adding to different Hair styles. Arianna and I had a lot of fun making her hair charmsified. She looked glamorous.

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Simply stick, heat it and you have been charmed!

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