Bamboo No Show Socks


I like to wear no show socks with my dress shoes. I recently came across bamboo fiber no show socks. They do not have a huge  stitch by your toes which makes them very comfortable. They even have a little silicone patch inside the back of the socks to make them non slightly. As you walk the silicone grip will keep the sock  in place instead of them falling and being a uncomfortable.


These women’s socks are low cut sock liners to wear with your favorite shoes for the ‘no show sock’ look. They have bamboo fibers that are  created with blend of bamboo fibers gives these bamboo socks a smooth, silky feeling along with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. They are  Non-Slip silicone grips around heels prevent these women’s peds from slipping off while walking. They are versatile and great no show socks for women for flats, and no show socks for Toms. Also great no show liner socks for tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, boat shoes, Vans and Sperrys. These no show liner socks fit best up for sizes 5.5 to 8.5


You can buy these bamboo socks here.


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