Wahl Hot Cold Massage Vibrating Gel Pack # Pampering Mother’s Day


As a mom we work hard. Our job is never done. our job is 24 hours a day. We constantly put our needs after the families.  Trying to find time for a break. After all the chores are done we need some pampering. Wahl Hot- Cold Massage Vibrating Gel Pack is the answer. It gives relief to achy muscles.


The Wahl massage gel pack is one part massager and the other part hot/cold pack. Able to provide temperature therapy and massage at the same time. Able to be used hands free because of the Velcro straps.


My mom was in an accident years ago which disabled her. She was hit head on by a drunk driver. She has sever muscle pain and muscle atrophy. This hot- cold pack massager helps relieve some of the pain. The deep penetrating massaging disc comes in a handy case with Velcro to keep it in place. The massager helps increase blood circulation. To learn more check out Wahl.


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