Chef’s Thumb # No More Cuts


When preparing food I am always afraid of cutting myself while slicing tomatoes, onions and fruits. Recently I was given the chance to review the Chef’s Thumb. No more cuts! The Thumb protector and peeler in one. Now, I can slice, dice and peel like a professional chef. The Chef’s Thumb has a viper bite technology ( little spikes) that lock into your produce and holds it into place and protects your thumb from getting cut While slicing food.


Simply slide the thumb touch into place and it becomes a peeler. Has titanium T3 blades is razor sharp and will never rust. Comes with 4 thumb covers for easy fitting.


The Chef’s Thumb will fit virtually any size thumb. After using my new Chef’s Thumb I can’t believe I had never had one of these before. I can prep and slice slippery produce with total safety and confidence knowing it is not going to slip as I’m cutting, The thumb touch peeler is  quick and easy to add to the thumb. Which makes it easy to quickly peel especially when you do not need to get out the heavy duty peeler. To learn more check out Chef’s Thumb.


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