Boys 6″ Drifter Boots # LUGZ #COMFORT


My son is very picky when it comes to what he wears. It is always hard to find what he likes to wear. We have been looking for nice quality boots that he likes the style of and of course are comfortable to wear. We had found a pair of boots by Lugz that my son really wanted. I had the chance to review them. The style boot is the same my husband wears. My so wanted black. We had decided to get the 6″ drifter in black. They are very comfortable and s great fit.


Has s cushioned insole. Had a durable lug rubber sole. The design is a military style. My son not only can wear these out he also wears them when he rides his dirt bike. They have a 6″ high boot that protect his ankle. The rubber sole is think and has nice tread to grip the ground. These shoes are very durable but not heavy. My son has had boots that are just so heavy and bulky he can’t wear them for long periods of time. These Lugz are very lightweight for the type of boot they are. You can wear them with nice jeans and a shirt. These boots are great quality for a great price.


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