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This Holiday Season put a smile on that special someone’s face. It is the look that someone makes when they receive a special bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers. You can count on Teleflora for any of your needs.

When you send a beautifully hand-arranged floral gift from Teleflora this holiday, your family and friends will be reminded of you every time they glance at its radiant blooms. To order a bouquet, hand-crafted and delivered by a local florist anywhere in the country, please visit

About Teleflora 

Teleflora brings together the time-honored tradition of sending flowers with the modern benefits of an advanced orist network. By tapping over 11,000 member orists in North America alone, Tele ora offers the kind of personal touches, artistry and expertise you expect from a trusted neighborhood orist—even if that neighborhood is across the country. No prepackaged flowers in nondescript boxes dropped on your doorstep—Tele ora’s network of professional orists create artistic arrangements personally delivered in a vase, often on the same day. And, with the organization’s pioneering “Flowers in a Gift” Collection, the recipient gets a keepsake that turns the treasured gesture of a bouquet into a lasting memento. Luxe yet affordable, aspirational yet accessible, Tele ora makes every day an occasion. Follow Tele ora on Facebook.


Thomas Kinkade’s Jolly Santa Bouquet tele

(Available on for $79.95) 

A tribute to Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of LightTM, this latest installment to Tele ora’s exclusive, bestselling holiday collection brings to life all the special memories of childhood sharing holiday wishes with Santa. Featuring a gazebo at the North Pole, this hand-crafted, hand-painted holiday scene illuminates and lights up amongst the scene of parents and their children eagerly awaiting their chance to visit with Santa. As a collector’s dream, this is the perfect holiday ‘must-have’ to celebrate the timeless holiday tradition of Kinkade.


Teleflora’s Silver Christmas Bouquet tele1

(Available on for $49.95) 

Send your heartfelt love and appreciation for those living near and far, and deliver the magic of Christmas with this holiday bouquet. This classic red cube vase features dancing snow akes and glittering snow amongst vibrant red and white owers, with the fresh scent of eucalyptus and white pine. Long after your owers have been enjoyed, the snow ake vase adds sparkle to any room serving as the perfect candleholder for the season.


Teleflora’s Gift Wrapped Bouquet tele2

                                                        “Photo Credit: Scott Clark Photo”

(Available on for $59.95) 

Deliver a holiday crowd-pleaser for everyone on your gift list with this joyful bouquet that arrives ready to enjoy. This sparkling display of holiday décor is bursting with red roses, white carnations, chrysanthemums, and greens nestled amongst clusters of red berries and silver ornaments. The limited edition ceramic jar also serves as a great collectible for holiday entertaining or displaying your favorite ornaments or sweets.

Please, check out more of Teleflora’s bouquets.


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