Ready for Children? 4 Steps to Take to Financially Plan

If you and your partner are thinking about having children, then it is a wonderful adventure. It does need some consideration and planning, though. There are some steps that you can take, to make sure that you go into it as prepared as you can be. One of those ways is to be financially prepared. You are never going to be completely ‘ready’ for a baby. There are so many reasons why you could put it off. You might want to own your home or have traveled the world before you have children. But if you are at the point in your life where you are thinking about it, then here are some things to think about and prepare for. Continue reading →

Your Perfect Puppy Leash and Pouch #Review #PerfectPuppy

leash2Recently I had adopted a new puppy. We named her Harley. She is about 24 pounds and loves to chew. I had a retractable leash but, she need up chewing right through it. She is teething and chews on everything.
I received a “ Your Perfect puppy” leash with treat pouch. The leash is a 6 foot durable nylon leash with a carabiner clip sewn into the padded handle. It is 20% wider than most standard leashes. Continue reading →

Tiny Love Follow Me Fred And ‘Where Do I Live’ Book #Review #TinyLove

14359628_10207488184866844_1549871208_oWhether playing at home or on the road for one last family trip, Tiny Love offers great “Must-Have” products that offer parent-child bonding moments, while also advancing baby’s developmental skills.Tiny Love is a company that makes products that promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities. Continue reading →