3 Important Facts About Indoor Swimming

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With two children who are super excited for summer to be here, I’ve been thinking about how to get them ready for warmer weather. One of the goals I have is to make sure both of them feel comfortable in the water before the weather changes. Many parents have shared to start them in swim lessons during the winter months so they’ll be ready to go by the time summer hits and I agree! Continue reading →

A Star Is Born DVD

radBradley Cooper makes an impressive directorial debut with the fourth iteration of the classic tale Hollywood is obsessed with, and while the plot starts to drag in the second act, Cooper manages to bring it all back together in a moving third act that sneaks up on you, grabs your soul, and hugs it. Continue reading →

Attractions to Visit during Vacation Road Trips to Connecticut

rtriAttractions to Visit during Vacation Road Trips to Connecticut from Roberts Chrysler Dodge.

Planning a vacation road trip to Connecticut? With springtime knocking on the doors, it will soon be quite warm, so you can have a gala time here. It is full of both fascinating American history and vast natural expanses, offering something for everyone. 

Here are some of the attractions you must visit:

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