Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape from King Buick Gm.

As a car enthusiast, you need to be aware that leaving your vehicle unused for a long time can hamper its performance. Auto dealerships often try to add “maintenance products”, as they call it, to the final bill during a car purchase, but rest assured you don’t require them. Spending unnecessarily on getting your car to run normally can be avoided if you follow a few tips.

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Why do Car Accidents Happen?


Road accidents are one of the leading causes of sudden death on a global basis. They can occur at any moment and in all kinds of situations, but there are some causes of vehicular accidents that stand out most often. With each of these instances there are steps that can be taken to prevent an accident from occurring.

Here are some common reasons for accidents from King GM:

Driver fatigue

Exhausted drivers are unsafe drivers. Accidents resulting from driver fatigue are most common between 11PM and 8AM. It is best to just avoid driving at these late hours. However, if you must drive it is imperative that you stay alert. Take frequent stops for rest or food and if you feel yourself getting sleepy, pull over and rest. Continue reading →

Auto Accessories You Should Invest In




It is evident that when you purchase a vehicle you will wish to outfit it in a certain way, no matter how many options or accessories may have come with it. There is just something about a car that begs for a personal touch beyond what a factory, dealership, or previous owner can give to you.

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Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

griddle1My husband has been telling me he wants the New Blackstone griddle. For Father’s Day that is what he is getting. He was so excited when he opened it.  This gas tabletop griddle is helps make you ready for anything. Whether you are camping, tailgating, campsite or just want to cook outside in your backyard. With the 17” fast heat-up with 12,000 BTUs to cook anything, anytime, anywhere. Burgers, hot dogs, steaks,  pancakes,  stir fry, bacon, and more! The “H” style burner provides even heat distribution for optimal cooking across the whole griddle. Impress friends and family with delicious food without the effort. Stays level on any surface, from grassy hills to muddy terrain so you can cook up meals without the stress!

griddleThis is a great addition to your camper outdoor kitchen. Why bring the mess inside when you can cook outside and have an easy cleanup. This surface cooks evenly. Allowing you to get that perfect pancake every time. My son loves the new griddle. He is always complaining that his pancakes are not cooked right when we are on the road. Now he says they are perfect. He loves the New Blackstone tabletop griddle.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Teen A Car

Choosing whether or not to buy your child their first car is a confusing and conflicting one. Of course, you want to make your teenager happy and allow them the freedom that comes with being able to drive themselves around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re responsible enough to have this privilege. It also might be difficult for financial reasons. If you’re considering buying your teen their first car, here are five questions you should ask yourself first.



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ctivities To Do With Your Temperamental Teens

girlImage Source: Moody teenage girl


There will come a time in your life where your child will reach a certain age. They are no longer adorable bundles of joy that constantly want your love and affection. Somehow, they turn into temperamental teens that want to have nothing to do with you. They become super private, they respond with one words answers, and they always seem to be in a mood about something. – Welcome to the oh so special teenage years, everybody. Having said that, they’re not all bad, you will sometimes be blessed with moments where they feel like your little baby again and they have a giggle with you and actually look like they’re enjoying your company – relish in these moments, because they don’t always last very long. Continue reading →

Ways To Keep Your Baby Healthy And Safe

yellPicture Source


Bringing up a baby for the first time can be hard (it can be hard the second or the third time, for that matter). You love this little bundle of joy, but you’re also overwhelmed by their demands. You might doubt whether you’re always doing the right thing to keep your baby healthy and happy. There’s so much conflicting information out there regarding the best way to raise a child, but here are some helpful pointers on keeping your baby healthy and safe.

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